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Here are the answers you need to the questions we get asked most often!

  • What size are your blankets?
    Our saddle blankets are 34x38" or 34x40" (in between a regular Yucca Flats size and an oversized show pad) but can be custom made in any size to fit the needs of your horse.
  • How long does it take to get a saddle blanket?
    In-stock orders ship within 48 hrs of receiving payment. Shipping during normal volume times takes 5-7 business days, but may be longer or faster depending on your location. Custom orders generally take 6-8 weeks but can take longer depending on complexity of the design, wool availability and production volumes at the time of order.
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping is FREE within Canada and a flat rate of $25.00 to the United States.
  • Why are your saddle blankets listed in US Dollars?
    While we are a Canadian owned and opperated business, at this time our website does not allow up to run a store with dual currency. Due to the fact that 90% of our customers are from the United States we have set our prices to reflect them. For Canadians, we have included the shipping and sales tax (12% in B.C.) in the price to make up for the exchange rate. This way it works out to be the same for our customers in both Canada and the USA.
  • Do they have padding underneath or are they just a top pad?
    Our saddle blankets are a top pad only. They can go over any saddle pad or your choice for the show pen such as Pro Choice or Diamond Wool pads.
  • How is your price so low, are they not good quality?"
    We get asked this question quite often! We base our pricing and business module around the idea of selling in masses at a lower price rather than a few at a higher price. Being all our design work and marketing is done in house and we do not have an exclusive retail space we are also able to cut a large amount of overhead costs that many other saddle blanket companies have.
  • What is the best way to clean and store your saddle blankets?
    Cleaning: We typically don't clean our show blankets as they are a top pad but there is always the chance that something happens and you do need to have them cleaned. The best method (asides from the dry cleaners) is to use a gentle baby shampoo and spot clean the effected areas, laying it flat or hanging it to dry. Storing: It's best to store you show pads in a cool, dry place, lying flat and able to breath. Over the winter or when they are not being used I like to keep moth balls in between them to detour any damange they might cause.
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